2020 Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide (Last Year Published)

2020 Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide (Last Year Published)

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Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide is one of the newest products from the publishers of Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide, and is used by many state DOT and Highway Patrol to aid in enforcing permit regulations.

SAVE MONEY, Say good-bye to tickets, Never get caught with an overweight or over size load again. Anyone that has to move construction, farm, or lifting equipment will find the Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide a handy tool.

With Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide you get manufacturers specified length, width, height and weight. By using this guide, you can determine what permits you need before loading your equipment. Getting a bid from a hauler? Use our guide and never pay too much to have your equipment hauled again!
The information provided in the Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide includes:
  • Over 500 pages- of dimensions and weights for construction, farm and lifting equipment
  • Specifications – overall Weight, Length, Width and Height for over 43,000 models
  • Hundreds of Manufacturers- Construction, Crane and Lifting and Agricultural
  • Contains hard-to-find- reference information on older models as well as new ones
  • Used Nationwide by contractors, heavy equipment haulers, DOT, law enforcement and other related businesses.
  • Compiled Alphabetically by Manufacturer, then by Model - for faster and easier ability to look up a particular model by the novice or the pro
  • Sectionalized- into Construction, Cranes and Lifting, and Agricultural equipment.

Preview the Transportation Dimension Guide

The information in this print guide is included in the online version of the Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide.

About the Authors

Hot Line Transportation Dimension Guide is produced and compiled by Heartland Communications Group, Inc., a leader in equipment reference guides and publications for over 50 years. This guide started publication in 2009 when our customers told us they needed a reliable guide for equipment dimensions. This information was once a part of the Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide and Hot Line Farm Equipment Guide, but to meet industry demands it is now produced as an independent guide..

All information is compiled by staff through its vast array of auction, retail and association contacts throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Information is then evaluated, compiled and edited by the Hot Line Guides editors who have been involved with heavy equipment and farm equipment for over 30 years. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience and background to provide you with the most up-to-date relevant information that you can trust, year-in and year-out.

Why Buy from Heartland?

Heartland Communications Group, Inc. has been a leader in guide books for over 37 years. We produce the leading reference guide books for many construction, crane and agricultural, industries. Our line of guide books include the Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide, Crane Guide, Transportation Dimension Guide, Material Handling Guide, Farm Equipment Guide, Compact Tractor Guide, Antique Tractor Guide and Material Handling Guide.

If you buy, sell, or use equipment you need the Transportation  Dimension Guide.

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