Iron Memories Volume IX (US Only)

Iron Memories Volume IX (US Only)

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Iron Memories was originally created for the antique tractor enthusiast, but after its initial printing and immense popularity, it became obvious that it was destined to be enjoyed by anyone having a connection to life on the farm.
Iron Memories continues to bring back recollections of earlier times when agriculture was about hard work, the local community, and the family farm.  You'll find great joy reading the original stories about how a rusty piece of iron can be turned into a show model piece and be passed down to generations to come.  Each edition is filled with true stories, full color photos, and documents as each tractor's place in history is told.  These stories are sure to bring you memories, make you laugh and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. Pick up your copy today and take a drive down memory lane!

Why Iron Memories?

Read stories about regular people restoring their antique tractors and reliving old memories. Reconnect with traditions and equipment that made life of the farm a treasured way of life. Make sure to grab a copy before this limited edition publishing is out of stock.


What You Will Find in Iron Memories

  • 38 Antique Tractor Restoration Stories from a Farm near you
  • Stunning Photographs - Full color and black and white photos tell their own story.
  • Pure Entertainment - Iron Memories is not a technical information guide
  • Stories about Life on the Farm - more than restoring antique tractors
  • Great Gift Idea - perfect addition to any coffee table 

About the Authors

Iron Memories is produced and compiled by Heartland Communications Group, Inc. a leader in agricultural reference guide books and publications for over 50 years. Taking a new direction, Iron Memories started its first publication in 2001, with a strong passion to share tractor restoration stories from antique tractor enthusiasts who have restored their tractors. Iron Memories shares the feeling that everyone is a Celebrity in their own right, and its stories come from ordinary people like you and I. All information is collected by Heartland's Iron Memories staff, as provided by the tractors' owners. Our knowledgeable staff has the experience and background to make sure that Iron Memories provides you with an enjoyable reading experience.
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Why Buy from Heartland?

Heartland Communication Inc. has been a leader in agricultural reference guide books for over 25 years. We produce the leading guide book resources for many agricultural, construction and crane industries. Our line of guide books include the Antique Tractor Guide, Compact Tractor Guide, Farm Equipment Guide, Hot Line Construction Equipment Guide, Material Handling Guide, Transportation Dimension Guide and Crane Guide.